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Web Intelligence Question

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Senior Member
Senior Member

Joined: 12 Sep 2016

Posts: 45

PostPosted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:34 am 
Post subject: Web Intelligence Question


In my Web Intelligence report, I have 5 queries Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5.
Q1 has three dimensions A1, B1 and C1
Q2 has three dimensions A2, B2 and C2.
These A, B and C shows the same values but they are from different tables.
Now I have created 2 variables V1 and V2
V1 = Q1.A1+Q1.B1+Q1.C1
V2 = Q2.A2+Q2.B2+Q2.C2
I have done the merge dimension of V1 and V2. Let's call that V.
In the block, I am showing most of the values from Q1 but some columns I am taking from Q2 by creating a detail variable and choosing Associated dimension as V.
Till here everything is fine.

Queries Q3, Q4 and Q5 are having the dimension A2. Now I am doing the merge dimension A2 from Q2, Q3, Q4 and Q5. Let's call that Z. I need to show some columns in the block from Q3, Q4 and Q5 as well but these column values are not appearing in the correct rows. I have created detail variables of those dimensions and chose the Associated Dimension as Z. But these values are appearing in the rows where the values from Q1 is null. I have done checked ''Avoid Duplicate Row Aggregation'' in the Format Table properties and unchecked all the 3 empty measures checkbox but it is not working.

Can someone please help?
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Principal Member
Principal Member

Joined: 25 Jul 2007

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Location: Montreal, QC

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 1:23 pm 
Post subject: Re: Web Intelligence Question


I recommend to post your issue on as this current forum is not active anymore.

Thanks !


Julien Bras -- Product Manager @ GB&Smith --- latest articles:
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