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Sunset Ride 
Sunset Ride 

BOB has retired moved! Our current platform (the one you are reading right now) is over 18 years old. Rather than continue here, the community has moved to a new software platform! We are excited about the move and hope that you'll come with us.

The new community URL is

User accounts have not been converted. In order to participate on the new platform you will need to create a new account. Existing posts have been retroactively assigned to your user name, but are associated with an anonymous account. No personal information (email address and so on) has been transferred to the new platform.

If you have any questions, the "About BOB" forum will remain open for the remainder of 2020, at which point it will be replaced by a static page directing folks to the new community.

Thank you for your support and participation for the past 18 years.

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