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How many PROD repositories?

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 3:22 am 
Post subject: How many PROD repositories?

Does anyone know what SAP recommends as the number of PROD repositories? Or what factors should be considered when choosing the number and separating the Jobs?

At present the support team have roughly one repository per business project and it’s caused some change control problems e.g. duplicated code objects with different behaviours and slow roll-outs because shared changes have to be applied to multiple repositories.

I’ve suggest they rationalise down to one repository in tandem with a version control initiative, but I don’t know if this represents a performance risk.

All of the repositories are currently hosted on the same DB, so the change would be moving their rows from multiple schemas into one schema, resulting in a bigger repository with bigger tables taking longer to query. But I don’t know how to quantify this risk, i.e. is repository size a big problem if you’re not going to open the repository in Designer?

I assume when a Job runs it queries the repository once and then runs with all of the subsequent overhead placed on the Job server process. Does that mean the only side effect of a big repository is a slower start time for Jobs?
My final option seems to be practical experimentation to see how the size of the repository affects performance, but if there’s guidance or advice I’m always interested to know.

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