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[BOBJ 4.x] Vertical Relative Alignment of Tables makes rows disappear

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 3:46 pm 
Post subject: Vertical Relative Alignment of Tables makes rows disappear

I am currently working on the Microsoft edge browser using - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 6.

I am periodically running into what appears to be a bug. I have not been able to find any documentation so far online or in the forums for the issue.

I am updating reports that contains approximately 16 to 20 tables. One part of updating these reports is to use relative positioning to keep consistent spacing between tables.

EDIT (More specific information about when this occurs listed in details now): XXXX---When I apply vertical relative positioning to a table that displays 15 rows about 10-15% of the time, rows disappear. The rows that cease to display are the bottom rows of the table. ----XXXX

- Only happens to tables at the end of a group of tables associated with relative positions.
- Number of tables does not affect this bug, it can happen with 2 tables or 10. It seems that the total number of records that are being displayed in the relative position string effect when this happens.
- All tables use ranking feature to limit to top 15 records
- There are tables of data below the table that has information disappear from. (Not the last table in the report)

Theories I have tried to test
- Check if a page break is set in relation to the table that the positioning is being related to.
- Checked if increasing the number of records displayed on the table that the other tables position is related caused records to disappear from the first table. (This does not, the table increases in number of displayed records correctly.)
- Check if an invisible table or object is covering the table being set with relative positioning.
- Verify no filters were accidentally applied to the table when relative positioning was assigned.

If someone has experienced this before and has a solution I would love to be able to use relative positioning for all the tables in my report so they adjust as data changes.

-Is there another page break function separate from the one attached to the tables? Maybe I am not looking in the right place? (I no longer suspect this is the most likely cause. See next question.)
-Is there a limit function when using relative positioning? It seems that the system is trimming the number of records pulled. (Maybe to avoid long load times?)

If I have left out something that may be important to solving this please leave me a comment or message and I will try to provide what I can to help facilitate a solution.

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