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[Webi 4.x] Is @Execute working for Webi 4.1 ?

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:30 pm 
Post subject: Is @Execute working for Webi 4.1 ?

I am wondering it anyone has successfully used the @Execute() function that is available in IDT 4.x on a webi 4.x report.

More specifically - In IDT I have created a couple of objects to support the ability for the user to respond to an @Prompt which has a LOV associated with it. The list of values displays a user oriented value and returns the 'key' in the @variable and UserReponse().

For example the LOV values called Eye Colors which has two columns 1) Eye Color and 2) Eye Color Key from a database table called eye_color.

Eye Color - Eye Color Key
Brown - 2233445566
Green - 7788224433
Hazel - 4545654345
Blue - 1231234123

I defined a list of value in IDT

SELECT eye_color AS "Eye Color", eye_color.eye_color.key AS "Eye Color Key" FROM eye_color ORDER BY 1

The eye_color_key is the key column and is marked hidden.

This gives me a nice user oriented LOV that displays the descriptive of the eye color.

I defined a parameter in IDT called Select Eye Color

The paramenter has the check box "Prompt to Users" enabled. Allow Multiple values, Keep last values, and Index aware prompt all enabled. The prompt text is "Select Eye Color"

The parameter has a LOV associated. Eye_Color(Eye_Color)

The parameter is used on a query filter

@SELECT(Client\Demographics\Eye Color Key) IN @PROMPT(Select Eye Color)
When the user selects the eye color(s) from the LOV, the values are converted from the descriptive values to the key values ( index awareness ).

In order to provide the user a way of seeing which eye colors they selected (not the meaningless keys), I created decided to use the @EXECUTE and a LOV.

I created a list of values called Eye Color Description

SELECT eye_color AS "Eye Color" FROM eye_color
WHERE eye_color.eye_color.key IN @PROMPT(Select Eye Color)

The intent is to create a list of the descriptive eye colors ( 'Brown' , 'Blue', 'Hazel') that have meaning to the user.

I used the @EXECUTE(Eye Color Description)

All of this works wonderfully in IDT. In the business layer using a query - the objects all work great. In IDT under the repository Resource tab, right clicking on the universe in the webi universe folder and using the "Run Query" works great.

When trying to use the objects in webi 4.1 SP 2 Patch 2 - the objects return ( null ). In 4.0 the behavior was even worse with the query failing to execute returning a IES 10901 error ( Database error: ORA-00936: missing expression.

This behavior is in both the HTML and applet ( my client doesn't use the java version of webi ).

So my question - Has anyone actually successfull used the @EXECUTE function in a query in the webi tool.

If so, could you please share any tip, pitfalls, etc in your implementation of the functionality.

Note: I debated on posting this in the WebIntelligence or Semantic Layer areas, but since what I am about explain is working in IDT 4.x and is not working in Webi 4.x - I decided to post here in the webi area. If more experienced forum users believe this belongs in another area , I am happy move.

Also, I searched both the semantic layer and webi areas for quite some time in an effort to identify any similar post and was unable to locate any. If there are already posts covering this and someone can point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it.
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Forum Member
Forum Member

Joined: 08 Jan 2008

Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:34 pm 
Post subject: Re: Is @Execute working for Webi 4.1 ?

Update on this Issue:

This was indeed an issue in the WebIntelligence server. SAP corrected the error in the latest service pack/patch.

Corrected in - > Version: 4.1 Support Pack 2 Patch 3

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