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Using Post Attachments
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2004 7:35 pm 
Post subject: Using Post Attachments

The following text is copied from the Rules and Guidelines for using BOB. These rules are specific to file attachments, a new feature provided as of November 13, 2004. Please thoroughly read and understand the rules and restrictions for using file attachments. Your use of this feature consitutes your acceptance of these rules. We may modify these rules at any time, at which point we will update this post.

Attachments are currently only allowed to registered users in the "product" forums. User group moderators may post attachments in their forums.

Using Attachments
Who is allowed to upload post attachments?
Only registered and logged in members may attach files to their posts. Members may be limited with a quota; once that quota is reached no additional attachments will be allowed. Members are allowed to go back and delete old attachments to make room for new data.

Are the files safe? does not scan or validate any file attachments. Under no circumstances will be liable for damages incidental or otherwise caused by an attachment to a post on our forums. As a result you use any material downloaded from a post AT YOUR OWN RISK. You are responsible for having a current anti-virus program. And using it. Uploading viruses or worms may result in loss of attachment privileges and/or being banned from the board.

How many attachments can I post?
At the current time registered members may add up to three attachments per post. You should consider combining multiple files into one zip file if you need more than that.

How big can file attachments be?
At the current time individual attachments are limited to 256K each. This means that a post may have up to 768K in total attachments if all three slots are filled.

Do I need special software to upload files?
No. If authorized and under your quota, you will see additional fields on the posting form. One of those fields is linked to a Browse button. Click that button, browse your computer to find the file you want to upload, and click the Add Attachment button.

What type of files are allowed?
At this time we allow BusinessObjects documents (REP), BusinessObjects Universes (UNV), compressed files (ZIP), text files (TXT), Microsoft data files (XLS, DOC, PPT, and MDB), and Adobe (PDF) files. Executable programs, macro code, or other possible program files must be zipped prior to uploading.

Who is allowed to download post attachments?
At this time only registered members are allowed to view or download attachments. We may review this policy in the future.

Why would I want to post an attachment?
You may provide a file attachment in order to support your question (or answer). You may want to provide a screen capture of an error message. There may be any number of reasons to use this feature.

What about my data?
That is an excellent question. You and you alone are responsible for any data that you upload. You should carefully review your company policy regarding sharing or publishing data prior to using this feature. You understand that any member of BOB may view or download your data. will not be responsible for any issues resulting from you posting proprietary or confidential information.

Attachment Administration
Who manages the uploaded files?
The forum moderators may at any time edit or remove an attachment that is not deemed appropriate material for this forum. Members that are found uploading illegal or inappropriate material will likely have their attachment privileges revoked and may be banned from the forum. The ability to attach files to posts may be removed at any time without advance notice.

How long do attachments remain on BOB?
When a post or topic is deleted the related attachments are also deleted. At this time does not plan to "age" attachments but we reserve the option to institute a pruning process for attachments that have not been referenced or downloaded over some period of time.

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