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What is My BOB?

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PostPosted: Sun May 25, 2003 7:31 pm 
Post subject: What is My BOB?

You can get the most out of using BOB with the My Bob feature. My Bob allows you to customize how BOB looks and works for you. Check out what you can do with My Bob:

User Options
icon_arrow.gif View Forum Descriptions: As youíve probably noticed, each forum has a description on the main index page. You can turn off these descriptions so that the list of forums will take up less space on your screen.

icon_arrow.gif View User Signatures: A userís signature is the only place where we allow any form of Ďadvertisingí. Signatures are displayed at the bottom of each post, by default. If you turn off this feature, you will no longer see the signatures at the bottom of the posts.

icon_arrow.gif View User Avatars: What the heck is an Avatar? An Avatar is the graphical image that you see in the left hand box of some posts, such as the Moderator Avatars. If you turn off this feature, you will no longer see these Avatars, and it may help speed up the download of each page, especially if you are using a slow speed connection to the Internet. Note that Moderator Avatars cannot be turned off; this feature only applies to special user avatars.

icon_arrow.gif Emoticon Format: Emoticons are the small icons ( yesnod.gif ) that many users include in their posts to express facial expressions. You can set these to display as text, if you wish. This can also speed up your download of a page.

icon_arrow.gif View Images as Links: Some people include pictures or other images in their posts. You can choose just to view the links to the images rather than see the actual image. This can speed up download time, especially if you are using a slow Internet connection.

icon_arrow.gif Digest Delivery Schedule: You can sign up for the Digest (see below) which will send you a daily email of activity in selected Forums. Here you choose whether you want the email to be sent five days a week (Mon Ė Fri) or all seven days a week.

icon_arrow.gif Suspend Digest Emails: If you are going on vacation and donít want to get those digest emails while you are gone, you can suspend delivery so you donít return to more emails than you can handle (not that this would ever happen).

icon_arrow.gif Digest Email Format: If your email program supports email in HTML format, then you can choose to get your digest emails in HTML format. We recommend this, as they are much prettier than plain text. Plus, the links in the HTML email are clickable so you can quickly go to the first topic for the day from a particular forum. However, if your email program doesnít support HTML, you can choose to get the digest as plain text.

icon_arrow.gif * Digest Includes: You can also choose how big those digest email are when they arrive in your inbox. If you want to include the text of each post, the emails will be much bigger. If you choose links, then the digest will include a link to each post. You can click on the link to open the post in your browser.

icon_arrow.gif * Suspend MyBob settings: The purpose of this feature is to allow you to demonstrate BOB to a group of people while showing them the standard look of BOB. You can temporarily suspend your My Bob settings during the demonstration. Then you can turn them back on after the demonstration.

* These features are not yet fully implemented.

Forum Options
Each of the Forums can be customized here for your own preferences.

icon_arrow.gif Search: By default all Forums are selected. This means that when you do a search on BOB, you will search all Forums that are selected in this column. If you wish to ignore certain Forums in your searches, simply deselect those that you want to ignore.

icon_arrow.gif Digest: If you want to get a daily email (Digest) of all activity in certain Forums, then check off those Forums that you wish to include in the digest. Note that some forums such as Off Topic cannot be included in a Digest.

icon_arrow.gif Hide: If there are Forums that you donít want to see on the main Forum Index page, check the Hide box next to those Forums. For example, there are probably very few User Groups that you are interested in. You can hide the Forums of those that you donít want to see. By default, all Forums are visible in the main Forum Index. If any new Forums are added to BOB, they will be visible until you change them to hidden. Note that some forums such as the Forum FAQ cannot be hidden. This is to prevent you from missing important announcements, like this one. icon_wink.gif

Note that you may hide Forums but still search them, as the two features are not exclusive. So you may elect to hide the SDK Forum because you don't often deal with programming code. However, you may still want to search the Forum in case there is a quick solution to your problem. It's up to you... that's what MyBOB is all about! icon_mrgreen.gif

If you want to take a peek at what has been happening in a Forum that you have hidden, simply open your My Bob screen. Each of the forums listed on that page is clickable. That means you can visit any forum that you are authorized to view at any time, even if it is hidden.

When you have completed all your My Bob settings, click the Update button at the bottom to save your changes. And, of course, have a great day. icon_mrgreen.gif
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