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Can you explain the meaning of all the registration fields?

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2002 9:58 pm 
Post subject: Can you explain the meaning of all the registration fields?

Username - This is how you will be known on the board. We're a friendly bunch so use your real name if you don't mind. You can be SallySmith, Sally Smith, Sally, or BO Goddess. Its up to you icon_smile.gif

Email Address - The place we'll send your confirmation message and any other communications such as post notifications. In order to complete your registration, this must be a valid email address. You may read our Privacy Policy if you have concerns. A typical email address format is Here's a hint; if you never receive your verification email, you probably entered it wrong. icon_wink.gif

Password - The secret word that you can use to log into the board or change your membership information. When you receive your confirmation email, your password will be in normal text in order for you to record it. On the forum, however, your password is encrypted and not even the Administrator can tell you what it is. Fortunately there is an easy password reset form on the login screen.

Confirm Password - Type your secret word again to be sure you got it right!

ICQ Number - The definition of ICQ.
ICQ ("I Seek You") is a program you can download that will let you know when friends and contacts are also online on the Internet. ICQ allows you to page them, chat with them, and initiate and participate in PC-to-PC calls, PC-to-phone and phone-to-phone calling cards calls. Like AOL's Instant Messenger (AIM), in order to use ICQ, both parties must have downloaded the program.

AIM Address
MSN Messenger
Yahoo Messenger

All variants of ICQ. If you use the service(s) provide your membership information and you may get an instant answer to a question icon_smile.gif

Website - Do you or does your company have a website? If so, put the address here. People who view your profile will be able to visit your site and learn more than they ever cared to know about ACME NUTS AND BOLTS or your family pets icon_smile.gif

Location - Tell us where you're located. Siberia, Georgia, Bombay, or 'In My Cubicle, of course'.

Occupation - Tell us what you do. We're nosy that way!

Interests - What do you do besides work with BusinessObjects?

Signature - A short message that appears at the end of all your posts. Some people like to include their configuration information.

Sally wrote:

Sally Smith
ACME Nuts and Bolts
Oracle 8.1.3 (Is there ANY OTHER database? icon_wink.gif
BusinessObjects 5.1.2
WebIntelligence 2.6.2

HTML is OFF - You may not currently use HTML code when posting messages on this board.

BBCode is ON - Click on the words BBCode to learn more about what BBCode is and how you use it to make your messages look really slick! You can BOLD or Italicize and throw in a dash of COLOR. BBCode is similar to HTML, so if you have done any web development you will feel right at home with BBCode. Even if you haven't, it's really easy to learn how to use.

Smilies are ON - Heard of emoticons? Ever typed : - )...a sort of side ways smilie in a message. Well, here you've got LOTS of smiles to choose from. The board administrator decides whether smilies are allowed and fortunately, ours has a sense of humor icon_wink.gif
icon_biggrin.gif icon_smile.gif icon_sad.gif icon_surprised.gif icon_eek.gif icon_confused.gif icon_cool.gif icon_lol.gif icon_razz.gif icon_redface.gif icon_cry.gif icon_evil.gif icon_twisted.gif icon_rolleyes.gif icon_wink.gif eek.gif yesnod.gif crazy.gif lol.gif cheers.gif sleep.gif cryin.gif cuss.gif icon_smile_flip.gif

Always show my email address - Yes if you don't mind members being able to send you email messages. No if you'd rather not receive email from board members. Note that the moderators and administrators will have access to your email address, no matter which option you select.

Hide your online status - On the main page of the board at the bottom left is a 'Who is Online' box. It is a harmless little display of various board statistics, one of which is a list of who is currently online. Choose 'Yes' if you don't mind if people see that you're online. If you're the conspiracy theory type, choose 'No' icon_wink.gif

Always notify me of replies
Sends an email when someone replies to a topic you have posted in. This can be changed whenever you post
Choose 'Yes' if you would like for all messages you post to have the 'Notify me when a reply is posted' checkbox defaulted to 'Yes'. Choose 'No' if not. Don't dwell on it too much. This option can be changed on individual messages. There are many different ways to see messages using other features of the board. Believe it or not, you may like it better WITHOUT the email notifications icon_smile.gif

Always attach my signature - Yes if you wish for your signature to appear at the end of all of your posts. The signature is dynamic and not stored with each message. If you use one signature for a year then switch to a new one, ALL your messages, including the ones from a year ago, will have the NEW signature attached. This setting can be changed on each individual message, your selection here will be the default.

Always allow BBCode - Yes, if you want to use BBCode when posting messages. It doesn't hurt anything to be on; like the signature option, you can change this each time you enter a new post. This setting does not have any effect on reading post from other members.

Always allow HTML - HTML code may not currently be used when posting messages on this board.

Always enable Smilies - Yes, if you want to enable Smilies by default. Come on, leave 'em on!

Board Language - The only language supported by the board at this time is English.

Board Style - For ease of maintenance, we've decided to provide only one board style so there will be only one style choice in your dropdown.

Timezone - Use this to adjust the board time to your locale. Figure out how far off GMT you are and adjust accordingly. One way is to post a test message in the Play Ground area. Look at the post time that displays. Adjust the GMT offset until the message time is the time you REALLY posted the message. Alternatively, you can look up your GMT offset here

Date Format - How do you want dates to appear? The syntax used is identical to the PHP date() function

All of these options can be changed once you log in by using the Profile link at the top of the screen. You can even change your user name! You may change your email address at any time, but you will have to be reverified before you regain your posting privileges.
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