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How to use BB Code

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 17, 2002 11:55 pm 
Post subject: How to use BB Code

icon_question.gif What is this BB code? What can I do with it?

icon_idea.gif Well, the first advice is to click on the "BBCode" link that you will find on each post page. If you can't find it, it's also here. How did I make that a clickable link? You guessed it, BB Code.

BB Code is short for Bulletin Board code. It allows you to format the text in your post to add emphasis with bold, italic, underline, or combinations of the three. Be careful with the underline code, as many folks are used to the fact that underlined items are clickable links.

icon_question.gif Okay, I get it. Now how do I get these codes into my post?

icon_idea.gif Simple! You have two choices. You can type the codes yourself, or just enter your text as you would normally. Then you can go back and highlight the text you want emphasized and click one of the BB buttons on the top of the form. You can do the following:

Quote Style

Code Style

Change Font Color
Change Font Size

You can also customize image links or URLs. Note: the images or documents that you want to link to must exist elsewhere on the Internet, we currently do not provide storage space for these items on the forum.

icon_question.gif What about lists?

icon_idea.gif Aha, you noticed. You also have the capability to create lists, like this:
  • Primary Item
  • Secondary Item
  • Tertiary Item

icon_question.gif What if I don't want this to happen?

icon_idea.gif Well, on every post you have the option to enable or disable the BB code. Be careful, if you disable BB code, it's off for the entire post, not just a sentence or two. But if you are trying to show someone how to enter code, it's the best way to accomplish that.

Again, for full details on BB code (with examples yesnod.gif) click here
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