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object name is NULL during logon event

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:35 am 
Post subject: object name is NULL during logon event

Hi All,

We're running SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 4 (Version: and the audit db is on Oracle.

(1) If I run the below query (with the last 2 conditions commented) I get logon/logout event logged for same session
(2) If I run query with the last 2 conditions un-commented, I get prompt/refresh/save event logged for same
session, sometimes modify event with/without prompt/refresh/save is logged

In both the cases the session_id's are different.


select Table__9.USER_NAME,
'--', Table__4.*
from ADS_EVENT_TYPE_STR Table__4
INNER JOIN ADS_EVENT_TYPE Table__3 ON (Table__4.EVENT_TYPE_ID=Table__3.EVENT_TYPE_ID AND upper(substr(Table__4.LANGUAGE,0,2))='EN')
LEFT OUTER JOIN ADS_USER Table__9 ON (Table__9.USER_ID = Table__1.USER_ID)
LEFT OUTER JOIN ADS_OBJECT_TYPE_STR Table__11 ON (Table__11.OBJECT_TYPE_ID=Table__1.OBJECT_TYPE_ID AND upper(substr(Table__11.LANGUAGE,0,2))='EN')
where Table__1.START_TIME BETWEEN trunc(sysdate) AND trunc(sysdate+1)
and Table__9.USER_NAME NOT IN ( 'QaaWSServletPrincipal','SMAdmin','System Account' )
--and Table__1.OBJECT_NAME Is Not Null
--and Table__11.OBJECT_TYPE_ID IN ( 'AURH1uVOzUZDp8QTF2KnXmk' )

When I run a report (after authentication), I assume the event should be in the order as logon/prompt/refresh/save/logout.
Because the object_name is NULL in logon/logout event, I could not match if these events belong to the same object for
which I've prompt/refresh/save events captured.

I understand during logon the object requested is not known, but when a session created after successful authentication,
the user would run a report under the same session, why session_id changes? Does anyone have any idea about this?
Am not sure what am I missing here.

Any suggestions on this would be highly appreciated.
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