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4.2 SP3 Restful Amend user password

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:57 am 
Post subject: 4.2 SP3 Restful Amend user password


I've been playing with the restful API for a while now and find it extremely useful in gathering report details. I am now looking to modify user details, passwords.

Using the restful API i can retrieve user details from the system :

GET http://servername:6405:biprws/v1/users/userid

However when I try to amend the user details I keep getting a server 500 message returned. I've activated the error stack on the container server, also tried putting the trace level to high, but can't see anything obvious.

PUT http://servername:6405:biprws/v1/users/userid

Below is a copy of the message body I'm sending :

<entry xmlns="">     
   <title type="text">user</title>     
   <link href="http://clinpathauto3:6405/biprws/v1/users/32786" rel="alternate" />     
   <content type="application/xml">         
      <attrs xmlns="">             
         <attr name="cuid" type="string">ATmCmJz5tNNMqqyEVv1IRUw</attr>                      
<attr name="forcepasswordchange" type="bool">true</attr>             
         <attr name="id" type="string">32786</attr>             
         <attr name="newPassword" type="string">newPassword</attr>               

Has anybody managed to get this to work?


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