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[BOBJ 4.x] Can't hide Sections

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Forum Member

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:47 am 
Post subject: Can't hide Sections

I've created a report that is sectioned. Within the section I have 5 tables each with a different set of filters applied.
I have an Input Control that determines which one of these tables is shown eg if Option 1 is chosen on the IC, table 1 is shown and the other tables are hidden, If option 2 is chosen on the IC, table 2 is displayed and the others are hidden etc.

When Option 1 is chosen, the sections that contain table 2, 3 etc look as if they are empty (but the aren't as the table is still in the section just hidden).

I can't use 'Hide when Empty' because the section isnt empty and I can't use the 'Hide Section when the following are empty' because it seems to AND all the object names together instead of OR.

When I try to write the formula to hide the section it refuses to Hide, even though when I create a variable using the formula I get the correct Y or N result.

I am using BO 4.1 SP07.

Any help would be apprectiated.

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Mark P
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Forum Devotee

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 4:43 am 
Post subject: Re: Can't hide Sections

What reporting tool is it?

You've posted in Deski but your version suggests Webi.

Current version I'm using: 4.1 SP3 over Oracle. Well versed in SQL Server too, including SSIS

Prior versions used: BO3,4,5,6.5,XIr2,XI3, 4.1 - yes, I have been using BO since 1996!
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