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IS - Export Execution Command - UNC Path

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 1:47 pm 
Post subject: IS - Export Execution Command - UNC Path

My desire is to run the batch file generated by export execution command from another computer on the same network.

First I fought through security issues and those appear to be solved.

Then I dealt with the paths.. I seem to have solved those by creating a share on the IS server that points to the root of business objects, a location on the IS server above where the batch files exist (MM\config). Then I mapped a drive to that share from both the computer that will be calling the batch file remotely and the IS server ( Q: ). Then I modified the batch file to use Q: to refer to the locations of various files, rather than D: because that would only work for a local user. The one trick with the paths in the batch file is that once you get past the location of the jar file, the other locations have to use forward slashes. Additionally, for some reason the file was specified without a path, so I added the path there because otherwise it will just look for it in the current directory (unreliable).

At this point, I logged onto the server locally and ran the batch file and it runs successfully, triggering the load process which runs to conclusion.

However, when I run the batch file remotely from another computer (with the mapped drive setup), I get an error:
"Could not find the Business Intelligence platform EnvironmentNode InfoObject for server *myMachineName*. (CDR-10431)

Where *myMachineName* is replaced by the hostname of the machine that I am running the batch file from using a syntax like Q:\path\path\job_name.bat

So somehow the machine I am calling from is being recognized and causing an issue. Is there an additional switch I can add, or some configuration entry I can add that will allow this .bat to execute successfully from a remote computer the same way it does locally?

Thank you!

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