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Getting Error in DQM real-time job

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Senior Member
Senior Member

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:41 am 
Post subject: Getting Error in DQM real-time job

Hi All,

We are facing below error in Real time job service after postal directory upload and SAP data service restart-
Job name: Service_RealTime_DQ_SAP_Name_And_Address_Ext_Match

Please assist me how I can resolve it and in which transform I can track this error .
Error Message;

Syntax error at line <967>: <SELECT Prep_Records.DATA_SOURCE_ID, ((Prep_Records.Name_First || ' ') || Prep_Records.Name_Last),
((Prep_Records.Name_Last || ' ') || Prep_Records.Name_First), Prep_Records.firstname1, Prep_Records.lastname1,
Prep_Records.rec_num, Prep_Records.Name_First, Prep_Records.Name_Last, Prep_Records.house_num1, Prep_Records.Street,
Prep_Records.City1, Prep_Records.Country, Prep_Records.Post_Code1, Prep_Records.region, Prep_Records.threshold,
cf_dq_sap_get_generic_field('F1', MA), cf_dq_sap_get_generic_field('F2', MA),
cf_dq_sap_get_generic_field('F3', MA), cf_dq_sap_get_generic_field('F4', MA),
cf_dq_sap_get_generic_field('F5', MA), Prep_Records.PO_BOX, Prep_Records.POST_CODE2 FROM Prep_Records>: near <;> found
<SUBVARIABLE> expecting <')', ','>.

Rajeev khokhar
SAP-BODS Developer
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