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BusinessObjects Board Sponsor Information

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IV. Why Sponsors?  |  V. Sponsor Features  |  VI. Becoming A Sponsor

VI. Becoming A Sponsor

To become a sponsor you should register a company account on BOB. Use our contact form or the email account you will be given after your initial contact to send us the account information, and we will designate it as a sponsor account. For added exposure, we suggest that you use your company name as your BOB user name.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for setup of your sponsor account and processing of your graphics.

Banner Graphics

At this time we offer two banner sizes for you to consider. You may select from a standard banner (468 x 60 pixels) or a leaderboard banner (728 x 90 pixels). We can use GIF, JPG, PNG, or Flash (SWF) graphics. Banners may contain animation. If you want to use flash there are additional requirements that will provided via email.

You should also send a button graphic to be used for your sponsor list entry. Buttons should be 120 x 60 pixels and 10K or less. Buttons may not contain animation. If you do not wish to provide a button, a standard BOB Sponsor button will be used instead. This button in its current form looks like this:

Forum Topics

Acceptable formats include GIF, JPG, and PNG. Flash is not available as an option for the sponsor buttons.

Copyright of Banner Design

All graphics remain the property of the submitting sponsor. We make no claims to the copyright or trademark of any such graphics. At your request we will remove your graphics from our servers. Note that graphics may remain in backup files.

Graphics Approval Process

We ask that the banners and buttons that you provide reflect the professional nature of the forum. As a result, we reserve the right to reject any graphic that we deem to be unsuitable for use.

We can create buttons or banners for a minimal fee, if needed. There are a number of resources on the Internet that can also provide that service.


We offer the ability to schedule a banner in order to coordinate with a product launch date, marketing campaign, webinar, conference, or other time-sensitive event. Banners start (and optionally stop) at midnight server time.

Sponsorship Duration

Our current sponsor program is based on a PPV or Pay Per View model. We track page views for every page requested from our site. We are currently averaging around 100,000 page views on a daily basis (last updated November, 2009). Each page shows one of the banners in the current rotation. Each page view is decremented from the overall sponsor page view balance. Once the sponsor balance reaches zero the banners are deactivated.

Note that this process is executed on an hourly basis so it is our expectation that your banners will run slightly over the standard allocation.

Ad Unit Definition

Sponsorships are sold as an "ad unit" which consists of two million pages as measured via the system described in the earlier paragraph.

Sponsorship Costs and Payment Information

Our current sponsorships are priced based on the selected banner size. One ad unit for a standard banner is $500. One ad unit for a leaderboard banner is $625. All prices are in US dollars and must be drawn from a US bank or an additional processing fee may be applied. Payment is due prior to your banners being displayed.

Due to increased fees we have been forced to cancel our credit card processing program. At this time we can accept company checks or Paypal only. We are working on getting a new credit card processing service and will update this information accordingly when that process is complete. We do not accept purchase orders at this time

Your payment information will not be stored on the BOB server to ensure your credit card information is safe. Payments will be made to Moments of Light, the digital services provider for


Refunds are not available. Once your sponsorship period is booked and paid, no refunds will be given. Since our sponsorships are sold on a PPV basis if the server is ever offline for any period of time, your banners are not being displayed and therefore your remaining balance is not decremented in any way. Once our server issues are resolved your banners will resume being displayed as normal. All server or database maintenance is done on the weekends whenever possible in order to minimize the impact to our site visitors.

Since moving to our current host we have never had a period of 24 consecutive hours of server downtime.

Unused banner views expire after 12 months of no activity. If you book a sponsorship and opt to use our scheduling service to start / stop a banner to correspond with an event of some kind, be aware that if you do not use the remaining balance of your views after your last banner stops that your balance will be reset to zero after 12 months of inactivity.

Forum Sponsorships

We are currently setting up a new system where companies can opt to sponsor a specific forum. Further details will be provided as they are finalized. These advertisements will be text-only (no banners) and will appear on every page of the board that relates to the selected forum(s) that you wish to sponsor. It is our intention to offer these sponsorships on a timed basis (number of weeks rather than number of page views). They will be offered based on a bid system which will allow you as the potential sponsor to control your advertising budget. It is our hope to launch this service early in 2010. This is an anticipated launch date only and should not be taken as a guarantee that such a service will be released on that date or at any date in the future.

Further Questions?

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring our site. If you have any questions that were not answered in this document please send them to us via our contact form and we will respond typically within a few days.

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