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BusinessObjects Board Sponsor Information

I. Introduction  |  II. What is BOB?  |  III. Growth and Member Statistics
IV. Why Sponsors?  |  V. Sponsor Features  |  VI. Becoming A Sponsor

V. Sponsor Features

What are the benefits of being a BOB sponsor?

Banner Space

You will from one to four banners active in the rotation that is displayed on the top of each page. For specifics on banner sizes and allowable formats please see the next section of this document.

When someone clicks your banner your designated web page will open in a new window.

Sponsor Account

You will have a special account on BOB to be used as your sponsor account. The account name should be the same as your company name. This sponsor account can be used to participate in the forum or just to manage your sponsor information. If used in the forum you will be identified as a sponsor on each post that you make. You may — at your option — elect to share the login information so that employees from your company can all use the account when posting on BOB.

You will use that account to manage your sponsor information and banner selection. Anyone that logs in with your sponsor account will also be able to update the sponsor information using the following page.

You may also use your sponsor account to alter one of your banners associated URL link, to view your banner impressions (views) and check your click-through rate, and to adjust the text that is displayed beneath your banner. These activities will be provided as links from the Sponsor List page. Note: The features described in the above paragraphs are in some cases still under development.

Sponsor List

We have set up a page with a list of sponsors that have active banners at a given time. This page is not exclusive; your entry will be listed with all of the other current sponsors. This page will list your company, a brief sentence or two about the services you provide, contact information, and a smaller graphic that you can link to your company home page. You will also use this page to manage your account and banners.

Once your banners expire your listing on this sponsor page will also be removed. This is an automated process and can happen at any hour during the day. To avoid showing favorites sponsors are displayed in a random order on this page. Each time the page is refreshed a new sponsor is likely to be shown at the top of the page.

The sponsor list will be visible to all users including guests. Here is a sample entry:

Your company will be represented by a 120 x 60 pixel image that links to the web page of your choice. Your name will be listed along with a description that you will provide. The description field is 255 characters long and will support text only, no HTML code will be allowed. We will provide standard rules and guidelines as to what will and will not be allowed in that text field, and reserve the right to edit any items that do not fall within those guidelines.

The WWW and email links use the same graphics as those used on the standard forum pages so users should immediately recognize their purpose. The edit button will allow you to update your company name and "About Us" text. The report button invokes a sponsor status report which will be detailed shortly. The edit and report buttons are displayed only when viewed by the owning sponsor account. Members or guests that view the page will see this instead:

Time-Sensitive Events

If you have an event associated with a specific date, we can schedule your banner. For example, if you have a new product launch that you would like to announce to the BOB community, then you can request a specific date. Your banner will start at midnight of that date and continue until your account expires or (at your option) the scheduled stop date.

Statistics Provided

Your sponsor account may be used to view your banner statistics. These statistics will include total overall impressions and clicks, as well as total impressions and clicks for each sponsorship period. These statistics can be viewed by clicking the Report button Stats displayed on the sponsor page.

The report starts with summary information. (Note that these pages are still under development and may change from what is shown.) The top of the page shows how many banners you have on file, the total impressions (page views), total clicks, and your CTR (click through ratio).

The second area will list all of your banners with their cumulative statistics. In the sample data shown below, Banner #2 was used in January and will be used again in September. Banner #3 is the current banner displayed on BOB. And banner #4 was used in April, and currently has not been assigned to a new sponsorship period.

Each banner includes an Edit Banner link that may be used to update the web site address and text associated with the banner.

The last block on your sponsor summary page will be a detail block that shows your activity by sponsorship period.

The edit button allows you to change the banner to use for that period. You can change a banner for any period in the future. For the current period you will be able to change the banner, but at the current time banners will only change at midnight. We may, at some point in the future, configure the banner management so that you can change banners by date and time. You cannot change a banner for a past (closed) sponsor period.

Intangible Benefits

The benefits listed so far all are concrete and measurable. We can tell you how many times your banner is viewed and how many times your banner is clicked. What cannot be quantified are the goodwill benefits that your company may gain by sponsoring BOB. We believe that our forum has a good reputation. It is our hope and belief that you will find value in being associated with BOB.

Forum Moderation

We encourage free and open discussions. From time to time there may be comments — either positive or negative — that are made about a sponsor company. Sponsors will not be forum moderators; you will not be able to edit or remove these comments. You are free to respond in an appropriate fashion.

Our moderator team has a set of rules and guidelines that we follow. We encourage spirited discussion and do not intend to hold posts for review. The moderator team does have a private review area that can be used to temporarily hold posts that are on the edge of our rules. If deemed appropriate, an email is sent to the poster explaining why a post was removed. If after a discussion among the team the post is determined to be acceptable then it can be moved back into public view.

We do not envision sponsors being a part of that review process.

Advertising Policy

From the inception of BOB we have implemented a strict "No Advertising" policy. This policy will not change. Forum members that post simply to promote their company services or products will find their posts removed. Repeated abuse may result in their membership status being revoked. This policy serves to protect your paid sponsorship.

We do, however, allow members to include company or web site links in their signatures. This policy will continue as well.

Job postings will continue to be prohibited.

BOB Database

We will not be providing a copy of our database to sponsors or anyone else. This is clearly spelled out in our Privacy Policy at the following link:

Privacy Policy

We do not expect to change this policy at any time. You are, of course, free to solicit information from BOB members who click on your banner. You may opt to send users to your standard home page, or you may elect to set up a specific landing page on your site that is unique to visitors from BOB. If you collect any information from your site visitors we do, of course, encourage you to properly disclose that fact.

Becoming a Sponsor

If after reading this far you feel like you would be interested in sponsoring BOB please read Section VI to find out more details about how to become a sponsor.

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