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I. Introduction  |  II. What is BOB?  |  III. Growth and Member Statistics
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II. What is BOB?

The BusinessObjects Board (or BOB) was started in 2002 as a replacement for the venerable BUSOB-L listserv mailing list. The mailing list was hosted by America Online through a program originally called "Give Back To The Net" and was founded and managed by a gentleman from the University of Pennsylvania. There were no financial costs associated with running the list as AOL provided both the listserv software and the hardware to store the archives. The only cost related to running the list was the time to manage it.

The listserv was moderated to prevent spam. The mailing list was also free and open to anyone that desired to register. Because of these and other factors the mailing list gradually grew from a few to a few hundred and finally to a few thousand members. During that time the moderator duties were passed from the original founder to two of his co-workers at the university.

After a while the mailing list became so popular that it started running into the limit of 100 daily messages imposed by America Online. They (AOL) also started allowing only 12 months of archives. There was only one list to discuss a BusinessObjects product line that had multiplied and diverged into multiple different products. And finally, due to the contract with AOL, the management of the list could never be passed to someone outside of the University of Pennsylvania.

For these and other reasons the decision was made to move to the web bulletin board / forum format. But despite the change in format, our principles remain the same. BOB is free and open to all who desire to use it. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Business Objects. We continue to moderate topics to prevent spam, although we do have a thriving "Off Topic" area that has proven to be popular. Since we have an allocation of disk space we are able to offer FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) documents, as well as BOB's Downloads, a library of useful SDK sample programs or other tips. Our complete rules and guidelines are available on the forum at the following link:

Growth and Member Statistics

BOB clearly has found its place. The transition from the mailing list to a web forum is complete, and has obviously been successful. Section III will provide some specific statistics and details about our growth since the conversion to the current format.

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